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Temporary Shut Down

This blog will be inactive for an undetermined period of time. I’m not able to do well in school while also running this blog. For that reason, this blog will remain inactive until I have created a system which enables me to run this blog in a less time-consuming way. I will reopen this blog… read more »

A recent study sequenced the mtDNA of my Stone age Ancestor!!

Disclaimer: I learned a few days later while digging through the orignal study that MF114223 is one of two samples that date to 1600 AD not 3000 BC. The authors orignally thought she dated to 3000 BC when they sequenced her mtDNA even though her remains were not inside the Megalithic Barrow. After learning she… read more »

mtDNAwiki Reports may take up to a week

I started this blog last week. In that week, eighteen people have ordered mtDNAwiki Reports!! Wow! I am very excited about that. However, I am a college student and I work a part-time job. It takes me about 2 hours to complete one mtDNAwiki Report. I work hard to give you guys a good product…. read more »

Steppe mtDNA

Introduction In my last post, I showed using evidence from modern mtDNA & ancient mtDNA that the majority or at least a huge fraction of modern European mtDNA descends from Neolithic Anatolians. In this post, I’ll discuss what I have learned about the mtDNA of a different ancient group; Eneolithic/Bronze age peoples of the European… read more »

Most European mtDNA is from Neolithic Anatolia

From the early 2000s up until the 2010s, lots of papers were published arguing that most modern European mtDNA descends from expansions that came out of Ice age Refugium’s roughly 18,000-13,000 years ago (Achili 2004, Torrini 2001, Soares 2010). It might still be the consensus. Last I checked 23andme, FTDNA, and other ancestry view this… read more »

What is European mtDNA?

So, in my last post I defined precisely what West Eurasian mtDNA. Now I will define what European mtDNA is. There I showed that Europe & the Middle East share lots of mtDNA unless those mHGs are younger than 10,000 years old. Sharing between Europe & the Middle East abruptly stops at the 10,000 year… read more »

What is West Eurasian mtDNA?

For my first content filled post I’m going to lay out some basics. For time being this blog will focus on West Eurasian mtTDNA. So, I want to first define exactly what West Eurasian mtDNA is so you all know what I am referring to when I say “West Eurasian mtDNA.” Where is West Eurasia?… read more »